Download YGDP Tool (All Versions)

YGDP Tool is a software that allows you to flash Stock Firmware based on CPB extension. This tool also flashing PreResource files based on IMG extension. Additionally, you can check eMMC CID info which is running Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. This tool can be helpful in troubleshooting with your device which is stuck at boot loop screen, unbrick your device and many more repairings.

Download YGDP Tool

Features Of YGDP Tool:

1. Flash Stock Rom:

You can flash Stock Rom, Update your Android device anytime, Can unbrick the device when it’s stuck at boot loop screen. This tool only supports .cpb extension flash files.

2. Flash PreResources Files:

If you have PreResource files (.img) of your smartphone, Like recovery.img, userdata.img, system.img, boot.img etc. You can easily flash that files to your device.

3. Configure Control Characteristics:

On your Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset you can check your eMMC CID info, eMMC backup, check device name, fuse info, and other important features.

4. YGDP Password:

You’ll see you need to enter a password when you’re going to use this tool. Default passwords are – 9527 or 369

How To Install YGDP Tool On Your Windows PC?

Check below there are few simple steps to install this software on your PC. You can install and use this tool on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3).

1. Download universal ADB driver on your computer (If you already installed skip this step).

2. Download YGDP Flash Tool on your computer. – Latest!

3. Now, Run YGDP Setup and follow the steps below.

4. On the Welcome screen, you can press Next and go ahead.

5. You can choose the location that you want to install this software (I Recommend to stay with default location by software) and click Next.

6. Click Next this step too.

7. Click Install and wait until it complete.

You’ve successfully installed this tool on your Windows PC. You can flash any .cpb files, .img files for your Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset based Android device.

How To Flash CPB Firmware Using This Tool:

Notice: You need to have at least 60% percent of battery life before using YGDP Tool.

In this guide, you can directly download all versions of the YGDP Tool. It’s compatible with all Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/ 8.1 and Latest Windows 10. The Tool is compatible with limited devices.

Simply following this few steps you’ll flash the firmware to your device:

Step 1: Run the YGDP Flashing Tool by opening the directory of that you saved.

Step 2: Once you Run this software. You’ll be able to see the following window.

Step 3: Now, Type and enter the password 369 or 9527 and click to Login button.

Step 4: When you Login to the Tool. You can see the opening screen, Then click on the Config button.

Step 5: To add your CPB firmware file that you downloaded for your device. Locate the directory that you saved by clicking this File button.

Step 6: Once you located the direction to the CPB firmware file. Click on the Apply button.

Step 7: Now, Connect your device to the PC (Check again for Power Off and battery installed to the device)

Step 8: Now, Click on the Start button to begin the flash process.

Step 9: Wait for complete the flash process (This might take little time you must wait until it’s 100% screen)

Step 10: After the 100% complete. That’s all. You will be able to see Upgrade Successful message.

Congratulations!! You’re successful upgraded your device via YGDP Tool. Hope this guide will help you!

•  Credits: YGDP Tool is developed by Coolpad Inc. Credits go to them for developing this kind of tool for free.

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