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Did you try to download the stock firmware for the Samsung device? So, On the internet, you can find many sources for the download firmwares. But sometimes you can not find the exact one for suitable for your device. Or those webs, download links are not good at all. That’s why there is a tool to do that for you. You only have to do is fill your device info in the SamFirm tool. It will find the latest upgraded firmware for your device from Samsung servers. In this guide, You can direct Download SamFirm Tool for your Windows PC and you’ll learn the way How to do it yourself easily following step-by-step.

Some people like to do customizations with their smartphones like installing Custom ROMs, Rooting, Mods, or patches. Maybe you got bootloop after all. Why? Installing patches and using root permission granted apps may be harmful to your device. Or during the installing a Custom ROM. You’ll suddenly have errors then it will brick your device. Then After all, If you need to restore your device to the factory mode and unbrick? The SamFirm Tool will help you to find the exact firmware that you’ll need to flash your device.


What is SamFirm Tool?

When we come to talk about the SamFirm tool. This valuable software is developed by an XDA Community’s Senior member zxz0O0. So, Before we start doing things using this tool Thanks and credit going to that developer who developed and distributed this and providing with the simple UI. Which can easily understand things clearly and properly.

Before Use This Tool:

You have to make sure what is the exact model number of your device. For an example, If you own a Galaxy S10+ smartphone. Your model number must be starting like “SM-G975F/DS, U, W”. The letters, at last, are representing which country that based on or what is the Hardware differences. So, You must have to find your own device’s model number before you start downloading. If you don’t know how to find out the model number of your own device? Go to the Settings> About Device> Model Number there you’ll find out it. Note it in your mind.

Also, If you ever bought a device with some Carrier-locked or carrier-branded? Like AT&T, Verizon or Japan Softbank. There is still under the carrier warranty or locked. You must have to find out the CSC Code of your current firmware which is based on carrier/region. If it is not. There is still have a chance to brick your device even if you installed the same model number firmware.

Let’s find out the CSC Code and information of your device’s current firmware. Just open the ‘Phone’ app and dial *#1234#. Then you’ll see the information just like the screenshot below. Remember that CSC Code too.


Things You Want to Have:

Download SamFirm Tool [All Versions]:









SamFirm_v0.3.9 – Latest Version

How to Download Stock Firmware Using SamFirm Tool:

Step 1: Unzip the downloaded version of the software from your saved location. The .zip files are named ‘ (X will be replaced with the version you downloaded).

Step 2: Open the extracted folder and Launch the ‘SamFirm.exe’ by Double Clicking on it.


Step 3: Now, Under the Firmware Info section. Select the ‘Model’ and type your exact model number that showing on About Phone ‘Ex:- SM-G975F’.

Step 4: Clicking by ‘Region’ you can provide which region your device’s firmware based on. It is always 3 character value ‘Ex:- INS (India), AFR (Africa)’ and select the ‘Auto’ option under the tick boxes below.

Note:- If you never know it. Please leave it and select the ‘Manual’ option under the tick boxes below and type the CSC Code on the CSC section.


Step 5: Then you completed the task as I mentioned above. Click on the ‘Check Update’ button to start the checking process.

Step 6: After pressing that button. The SamFirm software will start finding the suitable stock firmware to your device following as the provided information by you.

Step 7: Then, Under the ‘Download’ section. You can see ‘File, Version, Size’ boxes are filled with the founded firmware version. Before clicking the Download button. Make sure to Tick on ‘Check CRC32’ and ‘Decrypt automatically’ boxes.

Step 8: After following that all, Click on ‘Download’ button to start downloading the founded firmware.

Step 9: This tool will ask a location to save the file you want to download. Provide the location that you can easily navigate and Click on ‘Save’ button.


Step 10: The Downloading process will begin. Be patience until its complete.

Done. If you follow these steps correctly. You’ll have successfully downloaded the correct and latest stock firmware to your Samsung device. Now, you have only to prepare it to flash. To flash stock firmware on your Samsung device you have to Download Odin software and follow the guide.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions or help regarding this guide.

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