Download Nokia Online Service Tool (OST)

What Is Nokia Online Service Tool?

Nokia OST (Online Service Tool) is a software that you can download for your PC and easily flash firmware aka Stock Roms for your Nokia Android devices which are made by HMD Global. This is a utility software that does not want to follow hard steps to install firmware for your Nokia Android device. Also, when your device available a new update, You can download the firmware and simply flash it through this tool, If you can not wait for the OTA (On The Air) update which is manufacturers pushing by region by region or sometimes the updates are too late to come out.

All new Nokia’s Firmware is based in .nb0 and .mlf formats. This tool’s official version is only available for valid username and password, Who are using by official Nokia service centers technicians. By the way for a normal user who wants to use this tool for flashing firmware, You must have to use a patch for bypass it.

Which Devices Are Supporting?

This tool can be used to flash stock firmware which has unlocked its bootloader. This following list of Nokia devices are currently supporting this tool:

Nokia 1

Nokia 1 Plus

Nokia 2

Nokia 2.1

Nokia 3

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1 Plus

Nokia 3.2

Nokia 4.2

Nokia 5

Nokia 5.1

Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

Nokia 6

Nokia 6.1 (Nokia 6 2018 2nd Gen.)

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

Nokia X71

Nokia 7

Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7)

Nokia 9 PureView

Download Nokia Online Service Tool:



This tool is compatible with Windows latest 10, 8.1, 8, Supports for 32 Bit – 64 Bit platforms.

How To Install Nokia OST On Your PC:

1. Download Nokia Online Service Tool and Patch File from provided links.

2. Extract the ‘’ file on the pc.

3. Open the folder that you extracted, and double-click on the “launcher.exe” setup file for launch Nokia OST LA installer.

Nokia Online Service Tool's installer package

4. Now, This is also like normal software, Click on “Next” and again “Next” to begin installing process.

Confirm installation

5. Once the installation process is completed, Click on the “Close” button and exit from the program.

Installation complete

6. Now, Extract the “” file from the location that you saved.

7. Open the extracted folder and copy “OnlineUpdateTool.exe” file.

8. Go to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\OST La” on your pc which is installed path of this software.

9. Paste the “OnlineUpdateTool.exe” file to this folder that you had already copied, Then you’ll see the pop-up window which is “Replace or Skip Files” please press the “Replace the file in destination”.

Replace or skip files

10. For the last step, Delete the “OnlineUpdateTool.exe.config” file in the folder.

Once you followed the steps above, You must successfully installed the software and ready to use it.

How To Flash Stock Firmware Using Nokia Online Service:

Step 1: Open the folder where you installed and patched the software.

Step 2: Launch the “OnlineUpdateTool.exe” by double-clicking on it.

Step 3: Once you launched it, You’ll see the screen like below.

Download Nokia Online Service Tool

Step 4: Click on the Next button.

Step 5: Now, You have to select the firmware file which is you downloaded for your device based on .nb0 or .mlf. Go the location of that you saved the firmware through clicking by (…), and select it.

Choose the .img file from Nokia Online Service Tool

Step 6: Turn Off your device, and reboot into the Download Mode.

(*) Press and hold Volume Down + Power Button together, and wait until it vibrates and you’ll see ‘POWERED BY Android’ in the screen with ‘Download Mode’ at the top corner of the phone.

Step 7: Connect the USB cable to your phone and connect other side to your PC.

Step 8: Click on the ‘Edit Phone Information’ button that appears on the bottom side corner of the tool.

Step 9: You’ll see there is some error message. Just simply click ‘OK’

Step 10: Now, the firmware flashing process would be begun. Hold on from now. Basically, it takes a few minutes, Please don’t disconnect your device until its 100% complete.

Note: From this tool, you’ll be able to flash stock firmware to manually upgrade or downgrade your Nokia devices. So please keep in mind to follow the steps above carefully. Flashing a ROM using some tool you should have prior knowledge about tool and flash files. Without knowing about flash files or missing something would be brick your device.

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