Download SamFirm Tool Latest Version

Did you try to download the stock firmware for the Samsung device? So, On the internet, you can find many sources for the download firmwares. But sometimes you can not find the exact one for suitable for your device. Or those webs, download links are not good at all. That’s why there is a tool to do that for you. You only have to do is fill your device info in the SamFirm tool. It will find the latest upgraded firmware for your device from Samsung servers. In this guide, You can direct Download SamFirm Tool for your Windows PC and you’ll learn the way How to do it yourself easily following step-by-step.

Some people like to do customizations with their smartphones like installing Custom ROMs, Rooting, Mods, or patches. Maybe you got bootloop after all. Why? Installing patches and using root permission granted apps may be harmful to your device. Or during the installing a Custom ROM. You’ll suddenly have errors then it will brick your device. Then After all, If you need to restore your device to the factory mode and unbrick? The SamFirm Tool will help you to find the exact firmware that you’ll need to flash your device.


What is SamFirm Tool?

When we come to talk about the SamFirm tool. This valuable software is developed by an XDA Community’s Senior member zxz0O0. So, Before we start doing things using this tool Thanks and credit going to that developer who developed and distributed this and providing with the simple UI. Which can easily understand things clearly and properly.

Before Use This Tool:

You have to make sure what is the exact model number of your device. For an example, If you own a Galaxy S10+ smartphone. Your model number must be starting like “SM-G975F/DS, U, W”. The letters, at last, are representing which country that based on or what is the Hardware differences. So, You must have to find your own device’s model number before you start downloading. If you don’t know how to find out the model number of your own device? Go to the Settings> About Device> Model Number there you’ll find out it. Note it in your mind.

Also, If you ever bought a device with some Carrier-locked or carrier-branded? Like AT&T, Verizon or Japan Softbank. There is still under the carrier warranty or locked. You must have to find out the CSC Code of your current firmware which is based on carrier/region. If it is not. There is still have a chance to brick your device even if you installed the same model number firmware.

Let’s find out the CSC Code and information of your device’s current firmware. Just open the ‘Phone’ app and dial *#1234#. Then you’ll see the information just like the screenshot below. Remember that CSC Code too.


Things You Want to Have:

Download SamFirm Tool [All Versions]:









SamFirm_v0.3.9 – Latest Version

How to Download Stock Firmware Using SamFirm Tool:

Step 1: Unzip the downloaded version of the software from your saved location. The .zip files are named ‘ (X will be replaced with the version you downloaded).

Step 2: Open the extracted folder and Launch the ‘SamFirm.exe’ by Double Clicking on it.


Step 3: Now, Under the Firmware Info section. Select the ‘Model’ and type your exact model number that showing on About Phone ‘Ex:- SM-G975F’.

Step 4: Clicking by ‘Region’ you can provide which region your device’s firmware based on. It is always 3 character value ‘Ex:- INS (India), AFR (Africa)’ and select the ‘Auto’ option under the tick boxes below.

Note:- If you never know it. Please leave it and select the ‘Manual’ option under the tick boxes below and type the CSC Code on the CSC section.


Step 5: Then you completed the task as I mentioned above. Click on the ‘Check Update’ button to start the checking process.

Step 6: After pressing that button. The SamFirm software will start finding the suitable stock firmware to your device following as the provided information by you.

Step 7: Then, Under the ‘Download’ section. You can see ‘File, Version, Size’ boxes are filled with the founded firmware version. Before clicking the Download button. Make sure to Tick on ‘Check CRC32’ and ‘Decrypt automatically’ boxes.

Step 8: After following that all, Click on ‘Download’ button to start downloading the founded firmware.

Step 9: This tool will ask a location to save the file you want to download. Provide the location that you can easily navigate and Click on ‘Save’ button.


Step 10: The Downloading process will begin. Be patience until its complete.

Done. If you follow these steps correctly. You’ll have successfully downloaded the correct and latest stock firmware to your Samsung device. Now, you have only to prepare it to flash. To flash stock firmware on your Samsung device you have to Download Odin software and follow the guide.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions or help regarding this guide.

Download Mi PC Suite Latest Version

Are you an owner of the Xiaomi Mi device? Do you ever mind to save your all of data locally on your Windows PC? Sometimes, Xiaomi USB Drivers are not working well on any PCs. In this case, It’s not a big problem for you. Because USB Driver is only doing keeping a perfect connection with your device and PC. But if you don’t need to do things like Flashing, Unlocking kind of works. It’s fine. And don’t try hard ways like manually one by one backup. Let’s Download Mi PC Suite Latest Version on your PC and do those things easily with the following few steps.

By the way, This is the Xiaomi’s official PC suite software they made for Mi devices. Xiaomi is recently released the latest version of this tool with more improvements and bug fixes. It’s an impressive and smooth experience for its users.

By using the Mi PC Suite software. You’ll be able to check the current status of the device. And also it allows you to transfer files such as .mp3, .jpg, .pdf, .txt and also Android app packages Etc. Like other PC suite software, you can fully backup your device to the PC.


Features of Mi PC Suite:

File Explorer

This is normally like every file manager. When you connect your device with PC. You can easily transfer files between your device and PC that many types of formats. Such as Music, Videos, PDF, Text Files.


Backup, Backup Management and Restore Functionality

Everyone knows backup is an important part of smartphones. In this feature, you can locally backup all of your files such as Contacts, Photos, Videos, Music and some other files.

You have only to choose which files are want to backup. They will be backup and store it on your PC.


Upgrade Your Device To The Latest MiUi Version

Once you check OTA updates by the device itself. it will be shown ‘You’re up to date’ But if you ever saw your device have a new update somewhere on the internet. I mean trusted sources like the official MiUi Forum. You can not wait for the update. Maybe it will be fine if you check the update through this tool. But for Download the update you must have a good internet connection.

Or if you have a soft bricked phone or bootlooped? This tool might help you.


Internet Connection Sharing

I Hope anybody heard about USB tethering. Which is share your smartphone’s internet connection with your PC to work together. But this is the opposite of that. How would you get your PC’s internet connection to the smartphone? Fine. It is a possible thing with this software. When you connect your device with PC you can enable it through this.

Screenshot & Screencast

Without having any third-party software. You can cast the device screen with your PC. That means you’ll get a live preview of your device’s display. You can capture a screenshot directly anytime using this app without pressing buttons of the phone. It’s easy.

Other Than, You should have to use some third-party software to do the same thing. No worries if you using this official app. It’s secure and safe.


Which Devices Are Supporting:

Xiaomi Mi9/ Mi9 SE

Xiaomi Mi8/ Mi8 SE/ Mi8 Lite

Xiaomi Mi Mix/ Mix 2/ Mix 3

Xiaomi Mi Max/ Max 2/ Max 3

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi 2/ 2A

Xiaomi Redmi 3/ 3S

Xiaomi Redmi 6

Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Xiaomi Redmi 7s

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2/ 3

Download Mi PC Suite Latest Version:



Keep in Mind: The latest version of this software may be not working with all of the devices. Especially no longer working with the running older Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices. If this app was not compatible with your old device. Try older versions of the Mi PC Suite.

How To Install Mi PC Suite On Your PC:

Just like another normal software. You just have to press the ‘Install’ button and follow the instructions as well. Choose the default location to the installation path and click the ‘Next’ button and press the ‘Finish’ button to complete the installation process.


When you successfully installed the software. You can find the icon of Mi PC Suite on your desktop and start menu. Just launch it.

Final Words

We have provided direct download links to this software. Keep in mind, Maybe this software is not working well with every Xiaomi device. Because still have some issues on it. But this version is almost better than the older versions that they have released.


Download Nokia Online Service Tool (OST)

What Is Nokia Online Service Tool?

Nokia OST (Online Service Tool) is a software that you can download for your PC and easily flash firmware aka Stock Roms for your Nokia Android devices which are made by HMD Global. This is a utility software that does not want to follow hard steps to install firmware for your Nokia Android device. Also, when your device available a new update, You can download the firmware and simply flash it through this tool, If you can not wait for the OTA (On The Air) update which is manufacturers pushing by region by region or sometimes the updates are too late to come out.

All new Nokia’s Firmware is based in .nb0 and .mlf formats. This tool’s official version is only available for valid username and password, Who are using by official Nokia service centers technicians. By the way for a normal user who wants to use this tool for flashing firmware, You must have to use a patch for bypass it.

Which Devices Are Supporting?

This tool can be used to flash stock firmware which has unlocked its bootloader. This following list of Nokia devices are currently supporting this tool:

Nokia 1

Nokia 1 Plus

Nokia 2

Nokia 2.1

Nokia 3

Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1 Plus

Nokia 3.2

Nokia 4.2

Nokia 5

Nokia 5.1

Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

Nokia 6

Nokia 6.1 (Nokia 6 2018 2nd Gen.)

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

Nokia X71

Nokia 7

Nokia 7.1

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7)

Nokia 9 PureView

Download Nokia Online Service Tool:



This tool is compatible with Windows latest 10, 8.1, 8, Supports for 32 Bit – 64 Bit platforms.

How To Install Nokia OST On Your PC:

1. Download Nokia Online Service Tool and Patch File from provided links.

2. Extract the ‘’ file on the pc.

3. Open the folder that you extracted, and double-click on the “launcher.exe” setup file for launch Nokia OST LA installer.

Nokia Online Service Tool's installer package

4. Now, This is also like normal software, Click on “Next” and again “Next” to begin installing process.

Confirm installation

5. Once the installation process is completed, Click on the “Close” button and exit from the program.

Installation complete

6. Now, Extract the “” file from the location that you saved.

7. Open the extracted folder and copy “OnlineUpdateTool.exe” file.

8. Go to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\OST La” on your pc which is installed path of this software.

9. Paste the “OnlineUpdateTool.exe” file to this folder that you had already copied, Then you’ll see the pop-up window which is “Replace or Skip Files” please press the “Replace the file in destination”.

Replace or skip files

10. For the last step, Delete the “OnlineUpdateTool.exe.config” file in the folder.

Once you followed the steps above, You must successfully installed the software and ready to use it.

How To Flash Stock Firmware Using Nokia Online Service:

Step 1: Open the folder where you installed and patched the software.

Step 2: Launch the “OnlineUpdateTool.exe” by double-clicking on it.

Step 3: Once you launched it, You’ll see the screen like below.

Download Nokia Online Service Tool

Step 4: Click on the Next button.

Step 5: Now, You have to select the firmware file which is you downloaded for your device based on .nb0 or .mlf. Go the location of that you saved the firmware through clicking by (…), and select it.

Choose the .img file from Nokia Online Service Tool

Step 6: Turn Off your device, and reboot into the Download Mode.

(*) Press and hold Volume Down + Power Button together, and wait until it vibrates and you’ll see ‘POWERED BY Android’ in the screen with ‘Download Mode’ at the top corner of the phone.

Step 7: Connect the USB cable to your phone and connect other side to your PC.

Step 8: Click on the ‘Edit Phone Information’ button that appears on the bottom side corner of the tool.

Step 9: You’ll see there is some error message. Just simply click ‘OK’

Step 10: Now, the firmware flashing process would be begun. Hold on from now. Basically, it takes a few minutes, Please don’t disconnect your device until its 100% complete.

Note: From this tool, you’ll be able to flash stock firmware to manually upgrade or downgrade your Nokia devices. So please keep in mind to follow the steps above carefully. Flashing a ROM using some tool you should have prior knowledge about tool and flash files. Without knowing about flash files or missing something would be brick your device.

Download Huawei HiSuite (All Versions)

Huawei HiSuite is a regular PC device manager for Huawei devices. It is developed by Huawei. Which is currently the biggest Chinese smartphone maker. This is suitable for Android smart devices of Huawei. You can easily connect your Huawei device through USB Cable or WiFi. This application allows you to manage and backup data, Manage your all kind of multimedia things such as Photos, Videos, Apps Etc. And also data syncing and data transferring and many more.

Download Huawei HiSuite

Features Of Huawei HiSuite:

Pictures Management: You can manage all of your images that you shoot on your phone, Can easily import and export them from your device to the computer.

Video Management: This allows you to view all existing videos of the device and import or export them.

Contacts Management: It allows you to edit your existing contacts and create new contacts and delete them through this tool. Also, you can import and export all of the contacts using this tool.

Messages: You can create a new message and send it to your recipients using this tool through your computer. And create backup existing messages of the device.

App Management: It allows you to see which apps are currently installed on the device and also allows you to install third-party apps from your computer or uninstall what you want to remove.

Screenshot: You can easily take a screenshot of your device without taking it to hand and instantly share it with your computer.

Backup and Restore: From this tool, you can easily backup all of your important data such as Messages, Contacts, Pictures, Videos, etc. And restore them anytime you want.

Device Updates: It allows you to check the latest updates of your device through your computer and directly install it automatically without any risk.

Download Huawei HiSuite (All Versions)









Huawei_HiSuite_9.0.3.300 – Latest

How To Backup Your Device Using HiSuite:

Step 1: Download Huawei HiSuite and install it to your computer. And launch it.

Step 2: Now, Connect the phone to the PC. Keep in mind, Make sure to enable USB Debugging Mode on it before connecting.

If you not or don’t know how to enable USB Debugging you can do it by going to Settings > About Phone > Build Number and taping several times on Build Number it shows “You are now a developer” when it appeared on your screen, You can go back and you’ll see “Developer Options” and toggle “USB Debugging” to “On” position. Then, you’re good to go ahead.

Step 3: After connecting your device, you’ll see your phone model and all of the data and capacity on your device. Now please click on the “Back Up” button.

Connect your Huawei device

Step 4: Select the data you want to backup.

Select the options

Step 5: Click “Back Up” button and wait for the process until it’s complete.

Once you transferred and complete the backup process. You’re done with creating a local backup of your device. Now you can restore it anytime or any Huawei Android device of you using.

Download Vivo Phone Assistant (All Versions)

Vivo Phone Assistant is a software that compatible with Vivo phones. It allows you to manage and backup every important data of your device such as contacts, messages, memos, etc. Also, you can upgrade your device to the latest version of firmware directly through this tool. With this easy and user-friendly UI, you can simply click on any tab of it and get the work done quickly. We have provided links below to Download Vivo Phone Assistant directly.

The tool is showing memory usage, number of contacts, number of messages, photos and apps that you installed.

Download Vivo Phone Assistant - All Versions

Highlighted Features:

1. Contact manager for updating and backup all of the contacts.

2. Message manager for viewing and sending all text messages.

3. Calendar tool for customizes and viewing calendar data.

4. Display memory usage and the number of messages, contacts, images, etc.

5. Phone screenshot feature.

More Features Of This Software:

Contact Manager: This allows you to add contacts, delete them with a few clicks and export all contacts to your computer with a single click.

Messages Manager: You can easily read the current messages of your device and if you need to delete you can select one or multiple of them and delete it with few clicks, Also you can compose and send new messages to contacts you have.

Picture Manager: This allows you to add the favorite photos that you have and also you can delete existing photos selecting multiple with a single click, You can play photos albums as a slideshow. and export photos from your device to computer.

Calendar Manager: This one allows you to create new activities to the specific date you want. export the calendar activities and delete them all with a single click.

Data Sync: This allows you to sync data from your phone with Windows outlook. You must have to install Outlook before using this.

Download Vivo Phone Assistant – All Versions




Vivo_Phone_Assistant_v3.0.1.27  – Latest

This software is licensed as free for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and XP (32-Bit and 64-Bit) operating systems. Developed and distributed by Vivo Mobile Communication Co. Ltd.

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool (All Versions)

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool is a software developed by Xiaomi that allows you to flash stock firmware (Fastboot ROM) on devices that are running Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets. Sometimes, if you got troubled with the device that stuck at Mi Logo (boot loop) or if you flashed any Custom ROMs this is the Tool for helps you to get back to stock MIUI and upgrade your device to the latest OS (Depends on company support periods of your device).

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Features Of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:

  1. Installer: Simple software that very easy to install with few steps of clicks for your Windows PC. Open the software and connect your device for the first time that going to install the necessary USB drivers automatically.
  2. Inbuilt Drivers: This tool comes with all In-Built drivers which all required for the flashing purpose. Qualcomm Drivers, Google ADB Drivers & RNDIS Drivers.
  3. Multiple Flashing Options: You’ll see showing 3 options for flashing including Clean All data & internal storage. Save User Data which you can save your internal storage data with this flashing option. Clean All & Lock this can totally restore your device to factory original conditions, Clean all data and can relock the bootloader. (If you unlock for your purpose).

Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool












Mi_Flash_20181115 – Latest

Follow Those Steps Below to Install the Software:

Check below there are few simple steps to install this software on your PC. Supports for both 32bit & 64bit versions. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and the latest Windows 10.

1. Download Mi Flash Tool which is a suitable version for your PC and opens the folder.

2. Run MiFlashSetup.msi to start installation on your Windows PC. If you got a Warning window that requires to grant the access. Press “Run” to go ahead.

Select Mi Flashtool Setup

3. On the first window press the Next button (Notice: Recommend for staying with default installation location instead of changing custom location on your PC)

Select installation path

4. Press the Next button to confirm the installation. And please wait until it completes

Install Setup

5. After it successfully completed the installation. Press Close button and exit.

Installation complete message

Now you have successfully installed the software on your Windows PC. You’re ready to flash stock Xiaomi MIUI firmware to your device!

How To Flash Fastboot Firmware (Stock Rom) Using Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:

This tool is only working for Xiaomi devices which based on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. You can use this tool to easily bring back your soft bricked device back to life. If you upgraded your Mi device but you want to go back to the old version you can do it by downloading the old firmware file and flash it through this tool. Also if you still didn’t get the latest MIUI upgrade OTA? No worries you can flash it by using this tool.

Simply following this few steps you’ll flash the firmware to your device:

Step 1: Download Xiaomi Stock Firmware which is compatible with your device model and saves it to your Desktop or any location to easily navigate to you.

Step 2: Before plug in your device you need to install Xiaomi USB Driver to your PC (If you’re already installed you can skip this)

Step 3: Turn Off your Mi device

Step 4: For go to the Download Mode (fastboot mode) before connect your device to the PC. Press and Hold Power Button + Volume Down Button and hold them until boot your device to Download Mode (This takes 6-8 seconds)  Then release your fingers when it comes to the Download Mode (fastboot mode).

How to go to the download mode of xiaomi devices

Step 5: You’ll see this screen when you booted your Xiaomi device into the Download Mode.

Xiaomi download mode

Step 6: Now, Connect your Xiaomi device to the PC.

Connect your device to the PC

Step 7: Find the installed location of this software on your PC and Open it.

Step 8: Then you’ll see this screen when you launched the software.

MiFlash software interface

Step 9: Please click on Select Button and locate where you saved your firmware and select it.

Select the firmware location

Step 10: Now, Click on the Flash Button to flash your firmware.

Preparing to flash

Step 11: After the process completed. You’ll see the Success Message.

Success message after the flash

Step 12: Now, You can disconnect your device and wait for the reboot. If it doesn’t automatically reboot. You can Power On it.

Congratulations!! Now you’re successfully flashed stock firmware (Fastboot ROM) to your device.

This tool is developed and distributed by Xiaomi Inc. Hence, Full credits go to them. Thanks to the MIUI Development team.

Download SP Flash Tool (All Versions)

SP Flash Tool is a software which is developed by Mediatek Inc that allows you to flash stock or custom ROM on any Mediatek (MTK) chipset device. Also, It’s a powerful utility tool for unbrick your boot looped or stucked device which you got troubled anytime. This software makes a bridge between your Mediatek device and PC for configuring your any purposes.

Download SP Flash Tool

Features Of This Software:

  1. Flash Stock Rom: You can upgrade or downgrade and unbrick your device which is scatter based firmware with few clicks.
  2. Flash Custom Rom: Tool allows you to flash custom firmware.
  3. Flash Recovery: It also allows you to flash scatter based recovery mode to your MTK device.
  4. Format And Hard Reset Device: This tool can format or hard reset your smartphone running on the MediaTek (MTK) chipset. Simply adding a Scatter file and pressing format button.

Download SP Flash Tool (All Versions)















SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1904 – Latest

How To Install SP Flash Tool On Your PC?

This software supports Windows and Linux both platforms. You can easily download them to your PC and install them.

1. Download and install MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers to your PC (If you already installed drivers on your PC please skip this step)

2. Download SP Flash Tool and extract it onto your PC.

3. You can see these files after extracting.

4. You’ll find Flash_tool.exe on Windows PC just click it and open.

You have successfully prepared the tool, Now you’re ready to flash.

How To Flash Stock Rom To Your Device:

Notice: You need to have at least 60% percent of battery life before using this tool.

Step 1: You should Download and install Vcom Drivers to your PC (If you already installed the drivers from the beginning then skip this step).

Step 2: Enable Developer Mode and make sure USB Debugging is On.

Step 3: Power Off your device and remove the battery (If the device can remove its battery).

Step 4: Download Stock Firmware or Custom ROM which is compatible with your device model and save it to your Desktop or any location to easily navigate to you.

Step 5: Now, Open Flash_tool.exe to start the software.

Step 6: After you launched the software, Click on the Download tab.

Step 7: Then in the download tab click on the Scatter-loading button to select the ROM files where you located.

Step 8: Locate the Scatter File from where you saved and double click or select the file and press Open.

Step 9: Now, Click on the Download Button to begin the flashing Rom.

Step 10: After the pressing Download button. Connect your Device to the PC by using your USB cable, Then you connect the device to the PC Press Volume Down or Volume Up key, Your PC easily detects your device.

Step 11: After the process complete you’ll see Green Ring appear on your screen.

Step 12: Then, Disconnect your device from the PC and close the program.

Final Words For Keep In Mind:

Flashing your device can lose your all memory and data. Keep in mind to get a backup before the flash. Flashing Stock Rom will not void your warranty. Please double check files and everything well before you flash your device.

Download MTK Droid Tool (All Versions)

MTK Droid Tool is a software that allows you for rooting, backup, recover, install a custom ROM, patching, etc. This tool released by MediaTek.Inc it’s very powerful and simple user-friendly software for all. Also, there is an option to create the Scatter File for MediaTek devices. Backup IMEI. In this post you can Download MTK Droid Tool directly and follow the guidance for the installation.

What is MTK Droid Tool?

This is a utility tool that makes a bridge or connection between your MediaTek chipset based device and PC. From this connection you can easily create Scatter File, Rooting, Backup recovery, and stock ROM, Write IMEI Number. But please keep in mind This software can only use MediaTek chipsets based devices only.

Download MTK Droid Tool

Highlited Features:

01. Root your Device:

You can easily root your device with just One Click. But keep in mind you have to enable USB debugging on your device and connect it to the PC then you can root it through this tool.

02. Backup Recovery:

The tool allows you to backup your stock recovery and restoring it to your device any time.

03. Backup Stock Rom:

You can fully backup the Stock ROM of your device and restore it any time.

04. Create a Scatter File:

For MTK Devices you always requiring Scatter File. So you can create a Scatter File whatever you want for to flash.

05. Write IMEI Number:

You can easily Backup and Restore your IMEI number using this software.

Before You Using This Software:

01. Backup your all personal data to your PC, If you flashing a Stock ROM or Custom ROM you’ll be lost your all data of the entire device.

02. You must have to install USB Drivers before start to use this tool.

03. This software can only use which is MediaTek chipset based device. Please check your device’s chipset before using this software.

04. Flashing custom ROM or custom recovery voids your warranty. So keep it in mind and enough learn for tweaking your device through this software.

05. Enable USB Debugging before doing anything through this software, Going to Settings>Developer> Click on USB Debugging Option.

Download MTK Droid Tool (All Versions)








Mtk_Droid_Tool_v2.5.3 – Latest!

How to use MTK Droid Tool on your PC:

01. First, you’ll want to have compatible USB Drivers to your device. Make sure you Download and Install the drivers and Enable USB Debugging.

02. Now, Download the tool and save it on your PC and by going to your saved location of tool and extract it.

03. After extracting the .zip file. You’ll be able to see the following window. Now, double click on MTKdroidtool.exe and open the software.

Open the Downloaded MTK Droid Tool software

Final Words.

Before using this tool. Double check the files you downloaded, Make sure they are totally good to flash. Otherwise, your device will be brick if anything wrong. And make sure the files you going to downloading they matched with your device model number.

Download YGDP Tool (All Versions)

YGDP Tool is a software that allows you to flash Stock Firmware based on CPB extension. This tool also flashing PreResource files based on IMG extension. Additionally, you can check eMMC CID info which is running Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. This tool can be helpful in troubleshooting with your device which is stuck at boot loop screen, unbrick your device and many more repairings.

Download YGDP Tool

Features Of YGDP Tool:

1. Flash Stock Rom:

You can flash Stock Rom, Update your Android device anytime, Can unbrick the device when it’s stuck at boot loop screen. This tool only supports .cpb extension flash files.

2. Flash PreResources Files:

If you have PreResource files (.img) of your smartphone, Like recovery.img, userdata.img, system.img, boot.img etc. You can easily flash that files to your device.

3. Configure Control Characteristics:

On your Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset you can check your eMMC CID info, eMMC backup, check device name, fuse info, and other important features.

4. YGDP Password:

You’ll see you need to enter a password when you’re going to use this tool. Default passwords are – 9527 or 369

How To Install YGDP Tool On Your Windows PC?

Check below there are few simple steps to install this software on your PC. You can install and use this tool on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3).

1. Download universal ADB driver on your computer (If you already installed skip this step).

2. Download YGDP Flash Tool on your computer. – Latest!

3. Now, Run YGDP Setup and follow the steps below.

4. On the Welcome screen, you can press Next and go ahead.

5. You can choose the location that you want to install this software (I Recommend to stay with default location by software) and click Next.

6. Click Next this step too.

7. Click Install and wait until it complete.

You’ve successfully installed this tool on your Windows PC. You can flash any .cpb files, .img files for your Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset based Android device.

How To Flash CPB Firmware Using This Tool:

Notice: You need to have at least 60% percent of battery life before using YGDP Tool.

In this guide, you can directly download all versions of the YGDP Tool. It’s compatible with all Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/ 8.1 and Latest Windows 10. The Tool is compatible with limited devices.

Simply following this few steps you’ll flash the firmware to your device:

Step 1: Run the YGDP Flashing Tool by opening the directory of that you saved.

Step 2: Once you Run this software. You’ll be able to see the following window.

Step 3: Now, Type and enter the password 369 or 9527 and click to Login button.

Step 4: When you Login to the Tool. You can see the opening screen, Then click on the Config button.

Step 5: To add your CPB firmware file that you downloaded for your device. Locate the directory that you saved by clicking this File button.

Step 6: Once you located the direction to the CPB firmware file. Click on the Apply button.

Step 7: Now, Connect your device to the PC (Check again for Power Off and battery installed to the device)

Step 8: Now, Click on the Start button to begin the flash process.

Step 9: Wait for complete the flash process (This might take little time you must wait until it’s 100% screen)

Step 10: After the 100% complete. That’s all. You will be able to see Upgrade Successful message.

Congratulations!! You’re successful upgraded your device via YGDP Tool. Hope this guide will help you!

•  Credits: YGDP Tool is developed by Coolpad Inc. Credits go to them for developing this kind of tool for free.